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Solar Power Emergency Store

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Solar Camping Lantern � LED or Compact Fluorescent
Hurry Pricing Is Subject To Change At Any Time ! Solar Camping Lantern � LED or Compact Fluorescent These new durable and attractive models of the popular camping lantern feature a 2.5 watt solar module of tempered glass laminated framed construction with polycrystalline solar cells. Both models provide 360 degree light distribution. Charge control includes overcharge and deep discharge protection. Both with accessory 115 Vac wall plug for two sources of recharging and include rechargeable sealed lead acid battery. Part # Model Description Battery Run Time Size / Dia. x H Weight lbs. 251095 SSL-101 Solar Lantern 7W CFL 6V - 2.5 Ah 6 Hrs 4.9� x 10.2� 5 251096 SSL-101L Solar Lantern 28 LED 6V - 4.5 Ah 18 Hrs 6.0� x 9.2� 6