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Sharp Solar Panels

Sharp Solar Modules Sharp modules are designed for a variety of electrical power requirements. The modules have superb durability to withstand rigorous operating conditions. All are built in ISO 9001 certified facilities. Sharp modules use multi-crystal silicon solar cells except 175 watt module which uses single crystal silicon cells. The modules feature: bypass diodes to minimize power drop caused by shade; a BSF (Back Surface Field) to improve cell conversion efficiency; anodized aluminum frames with pre-drilled mounting holes; 80W and 130W modules have conduit ready J-box.
OutbackPS1.jpg SunWize� Grid-Tie Systems with Battery Backup
SunWize Grid-Tie Systems with Battery Backup are quiet and operate automatically using solar electric technology. As the sun rises, the solar power system begins to deliver utility grade electricity to dedicated loads. Extra power not consumed will feed back into the grid. Utility power keeps the battery storage charged and supplies electricity to dedicated loads at night. During power outages, the solar system provides power for daytime loads and battery charging for nighttime loads. SunWize Grid-Tie Systems with Battery Backup provide security and safety for homes or businesses during periods of extended power emergencies. On-site installation can be completed within a few days. Grid-Tie Systems with Battery Backup include: � Mitsubishi Solar Modules � UniRac� SolarMount� flush-mounted roof support structure � SunWize FLEXware 500 System Assembly including Featuring OutBack FLEXware 500 GVFX and GTFX Inverters/Chargers 1 or 2 OutBack GFX series Inverters (choice of sealed or vented) 1 or 2 OutBack FM60 Controllers � OutBack Combiner with 150 Vdc circuit breakers � 8 Concorde Sun-Xtender� Sealed �AGM� Batteries (9 kWH) � MidNite Solar Indoor Battery Enclosure � Wire management and PV array grounding system � Complete Documentation including drawings, warranties and owner�s manual
The 72, 142, 176 and 198 watt models have black, anodized, aluminum frames, and have an �L� hook design located along the perimeter of their frames, designed for OnEnergy� mounts. The triangular 72 watt modules are matched with 142's to offer design flexibility for roof line aesthetics. All four models are constructed with multi-crystal silicon cells. All Sharp modules come with #14 AWG lead wires with male and female Multi-Contact� 3 mm connectors. All modules are listed to UL-1703 and cUL, and carry a 25-year limited warranty. Sharp OnEnergy systems are available in made-to-order kits customized to your specific system needs. Refer to pages 6�8 or speak with your SunWize sales representative. Sharp 72W